Aug 18, 2021

Armenia is moving towards smart agriculture

Fund Investment Support Centre (Enterprise Armenia) summed up the work implemented in the first 3 phases of the EU-funded project “Jointly preparing the conditions in the agricultural and connected sectors in the BSB area for the digital transformation (BSB Smart Farming)”.

The goal of the project is to prepare and improve the conditions necessary for the digital transformation of agriculture and related sectors in the Black Sea basin. The project will improve the scientific and entrepreneurial capacities of agricultural communities and public institutions, will expand the opportunities for cross-border trade in the countries of the Sea Basin.

In the first phase of the project, the target group of the project has been identified and in the next stage, a research and synthesis analysis have been conducted which has provided comprehensive data on the level of preparedness in digital agriculture in the beneficiary countries as well as recommendations in smart and IoT technologies.

Based on the research, the "Smart Agriculture" platform is being developed at the current stage of the project. It will be a comprehensive online tool for gathering, sharing, and providing a good learning environment for stakeholders. The platform will also support trade opportunities by facilitating SF technologies, further improving the demand and supply of IoT technologies in the industry.

The next steps will be to prepare a discussion to develop together a common roadmap on Smart Farming in the BSB area, to prepare jointly a 2-days international BSB SF network conference ‘Go Smart- the new farming in BSB area’ with the participation of all 6 countries, and also the international GOPP (goal-oriented project planning) session will be executed to elaborate the roadmap. At the end of all these, the BSB SF network is created and the platform is enriched to develop the interactions between cross-border stakeholders.