Investment Legislation
Investment Legislation


The Government of Armenia has declared and is implementing an “open door” policy, applying almost no restriction to investment activities. Armenia has one of the most open investment regimes among emerging market countries.                   

Among many advantages, Armenia’s legal framework provides 100% ownership of resident legal entities, equal treatment, as foreign companies are entitled by law to the same treatment as Armenian companies, almost no restrictions towards any sector and geographic location within the country as well as land ownership opportunity. Moreover, there are no limitations on the exchange of foreign currencies and the repatriation of profits, no restrictions on remittances or staff recruitment. 

Armenia’s legal regime for investment is open. The Constitution of Armenia protects all forms of property and states that everyone shall have the right to own, use and dispose, at its discretion, legally acquired property. The Law on Foreign Investments defines the conditions under which foreign investment is permitted. According to its provisions, enterprises with foreign investment may conduct any economic activity which complies with the goals and objectives stated in the law, is not limited or prohibited by the legislation of Armenia, or due to national security requirements. 

The Law on Foreign Investments of the Republic of Armenia spells out the main principles of the country’s regulation of FDI and provides general provisions governing it, including entry rules and establishment procedures, guarantees on investment treatment and protection as well as access to incentives, in particular:  

Armenia has concluded 43 bilateral investment treaties (BITs). 

In addition, Armenia is a party to seven treaties with investment provisions (TIPs) and two regional TIPs – the Treaty on Eurasian Economic Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States Convention on Protection of Investor Rights. While the former contains substantive investor protections and ISDS, the latter includes investment protections tied to domestic law and non-binding commitments to arbitration. Armenia is also a party to the Energy Charter Treaty, which provides detailed investor protection and access to ISDS. 

The main features of Armenia’s IIAs include: 

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