Our Mission


The ultimate mission of Enterprise Armenia is contributing to achieving long-term strategic goals of the Armenian economy.

Our primary mission is: 


How we see it? 

Services provided by Enterprise Armenia are comprehensive, reliable and free of charge. 

We carry out our activities on the principle of "one window" and provide support from A-Z of the investment process. Acting as a liaison with the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the EA team provides immediate assistance to the problems arising during the investment activities to ensure investor satisfaction.  

On investment laws and regulations, business opportunities, investment projects
The potential investment location
Land acquisition, co-financing sources, potential resident partner


Ensure institutional cooperation with local and international organizations, business support organizations, financial institutions, B2G 
Preparation of site visits, business forums, B2B


Image Building
Promoting Armenia as an attractive investment destination for doing business
Attract Foreign direct investment inflows into Armenia 
Conducting outreach campaigns, roadshows, business missions


Ensure immediate response to problems
Policy advocacy 
Ensure preconditions for investment retention
Ensure prompt reply in the post-investment stage, satisfy investor’s needs