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Food Processing

General Overview

Why Invest in Food Processing Industry

Promising Areas

Food Production Structure


General Overview

The food processing industry in Armenia is one of the country’s rapidly growing sectors that accounts for a substantial portion of its exports. In 2022 only, processed food production grew by 7.1% in Armenia and the export of processed food production grew by 40.4%. To encourage investment in the food processing sector, the Armenian government has implemented various initiatives. These include the provision of tax incentives and dedicated support for companies focusing on export-oriented activities. These measures aim to foster the growth and competitiveness of the sector and attract both domestic and foreign investments.

Why Invest in Food Processing Industry


Long-established Traditions

Armenia has a rich history of producing high-quality food products. Its food processing industry benefits from traditional recipes and a strong emphasis on maintaining quality standards.


Growing Demand in Major Markets

The demand for Armenian food products is steadily increasing in markets where the country has unlimited or preferential export access.


Skilled Workforce

Armenia has a highly educated workforce, with a strong focus on science and technology.


Developed Logistic/Distribution Services

Efficient supply chains and well-established distribution networks further enhance the sector's potential for growth and profitability.


Abundant Supply of Raw Materials

Armenia is rich in agricultural resources, including a fertile soil, clean water and favorable climate.

Promising Areas

Fruits and Vegetables Processing

Armenia is known for its high-quality fruits and vegetables, and the processing of these agricultural products plays a prominent role in the country's thriving food processing industry.

Dairy Processing

Armenia's dairy industry has deep roots in the country's agricultural heritage. The production of various dairy products holds a vital role within Armenia's vibrant food processing industry.

Meat Processing

Armenia prides itself on producing prime-quality meat products. The production of sausages, ham and a variety of cured meats is an expanding sub-sector within Armenia's food processing industry.

Food Production Structure

A diverse range of tax and customs incentives to foster investment and stimulate business growth

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