Investment Map of Armenia


223 sq. km



Total Population

301,800 AMD

Average Monthly Salary

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Summer highs in Yerevan average around 30ºC−33ºC while the average in winter is 1ºC−3ºC. More mountainous regions experience lower average temperatures and prolonged periods of snow cover. The average annual precipitation is low at 526 millimeters (mm).

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Yerevan is located on the banks of the Hrazdan River, northeast of the Ararat Plain, in the central-western part of the country.

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Distance from Zvartnots International Airport: 12.1 km

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Average real estate rental cost: 385,702 AMD.

Investment Potential

Discover the vibrant investment scene in Yerevan, the largest economic center of Armenia, where manufacturing, tourism and various service sectors thrive.



Armenia has experienced an annual average growth of 13% in tourism inflow in recent years, with more and more visitors coming to the country to experience its unique culture, history and hospitality.


Information and Communication Technology

Armenia's IT sector has experienced rapid growth, with many local startups gaining international recognition. Investing in software development, IT services and tech startups can be lucrative.


Textile and Apparel

Today, the textile industry in Armenia is focused on producing high-quality textiles for both domestic and export markets. The industry is made up of small medium-sized and few larger companies. From 2018 to 2022, the textile industry experienced a 19% annual average production growth.

Main Sectors

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