General Overview

Why Invest in Armenia's Agriculture Sector

Promising Areas

Comprehensive Financial Incentives


General Overview

Agriculture serves as a vital cornerstone of Armenia's economy, making a significant impact on the national GDP and employing over a third of the country's workforce. The agricultural sector is characterized by a nearly equal distribution between horticulture and animal husbandry, with horticulture accounting for 51% and animal husbandry comprising 49% of Armenia's agricultural activities. The country’s fertile environment and favorable climate create beneficial conditions for agricultural growth, facilitating the cultivation of a wide variety of crops and the rearing of livestock.


2 mln ha

Agricultural land


1.05 mln ha

Pasture land


442,730 ha

Arable land



Share in Gross Domestic Product

Why Invest in Armenia's Agriculture Sector


Excellent Altitude and Climate

Armenia's high-altitude regions offer cooler temperatures favorable for cultivating certain crops, while lower-altitude areas have milder climates, suitable for various of agricultural activities.


Over 300 Sunny Days in a Year

The constant sunlight contributes to the quality and quantity of agricultural yields, making Armenia an attractive destination for crop cultivation, especially for sun-loving plants.


Vast Water Resources

Armenia's water availability plays a crucial role in sustaining agricultural activities, providing irrigation for crops and supporting livestock farming.


Comprehensive Set of Incentives

The Armenian government has implemented a comprehensive system of fiscal and financial incentives to encourage investment in the agriculture sector.

Promising Areas

Modern Greenhouses

Modern greenhouse technologies allow for year-round production, reducing dependency on seasonal variations. This enables the cultivation of a wide variety of high-value crops.

Animal Husbandry

The country has a long-standing tradition of livestock farming and offers favorable conditions for raising various livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry.

Intensive Orchards

Armenia's fruits are renowned for their unique flavors and characteristics. Investing in intensive orchards offers the potential for high-value fruit production and access to international markets.

Fish Farming

Armenia's abundant water resources create a favorable environment for fish farming. The sector offers potential for export to international markets and opportunities for value-added fish products.

Viticulture and Wine Production

Armenia is home to indigenous grape varieties and boasts a rich winemaking heritage. The production of high-quality wines has gained recognition globally, opening doors to export opportunities.


Comprehensive Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives for Agriculture

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