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Armenia offers a range of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to establish successful businesses. With a relatively low cost of living and a skilled workforce, the country has emerged as a popular destination for entrepreneurial endeavors.


Our business environment is friendly, fostering a collaborative and supportive culture that promotes success.


Doing business is highly favorable, offering various benefits and opportunities for growth.


The procedures are simplified, with streamlined processes that enhance efficiency and productivity.

Electronic Registration

Companies and individual entrepreneurs can obtain name reservations, business registrations and tax identification numbers simultaneously at a single location. 
Registration is available at: 

5 minutes

Registration period (personal presence might be required)

1-10 days

Opening a corporate bank account in Armenia

No threshold

There is no minimum requirement or limit in terms of quantity, value, or investment amount.

Free Registration

Free of charge for an LLC and less than 10 USD for an Individual Entrepreneur.

Necessary Information

Name of the company

Legal type of the company

List of partners or owners

Manager of the company

Registration address

Amount of charter capital

Business Types

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