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General Overview

The textile industry in Armenia has a rich historical legacy that dates back to the Middle Ages, during which the country gained recognition for its silk production. Today, this industry continues to thrive and experience steady growth. From 2018 to 2022 alone, the sector witnessed an impressive 19% annual growth. The industry is primarily focused on manufacturing high-quality garment to cater to both domestic and export markets. It comprises a diverse mix of enterprises, including small and medium-sized businesses, as well as a few larger companies. This dynamic blend contributes to the industry's overall competitiveness and flexibility.


$ 6.55 mln

Shoemaking production


$ 9.58 mln

Leather production



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Share in Armenia's total manufacturing

Why Invest in Textile and Apparel Industry


Skilled Workforce

Armenia has a highly skilled and educated workforce. This workforce has the technical expertise and creativity required to develop and produce high-quality garment.


Competitive Costs

Armenia's relatively low labor costs and favorable business environment make it an attractive location for textile manufacturers.


Favorable Geographic Location

Armenia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, with easy access to key markets in both regions.


Free Trade Agreements

Armenia is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union and has a number of free trade agreements with several regions, which provide duty-free access to those markets for Armenian textile exporters.


Growing Demand

There is a growing demand for high-quality textiles, both domestically and internationally.

Promising Areas

Apparel and Fashion

The apparel and fashion sector is one of the largest and most developed segments of the textile industry in Armenia.

Home Textiles

Armenia's home textiles industry offers promising investment opportunities. The production of bedding, towels, curtains and other home textile products has gained considerable recognition.

Technical Textiles

While technical textiles are increasingly in demand across various industries, Armenia's technical textiles sector is growing steadily, driven by innovations in materials and technologies.

Yarn and Fabric Production

Armenia has access to a variety of raw materials and possesses the necessary infrastructure to support yarn spinning and fabric weaving and offers a variety of investment opportunities in the field.

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Shoe Manufacturing

Investing in Armenia's growing shoe manufacturing industry provides opportunities to leverage the country's skilled workforce, access to quality materials and growing expertise in shoe production.


Renowned Clothing Brands

Constant Growth in Production
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