State Support Programs

Armenia has implemented various state support programs to promote economic development, investment, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social welfare. These programs aim to provide financial assistance, incentives, and resources to individuals, businesses, and sectors in need.

Infrastructure in Exchange for Investment 

This program aims to encourage investments by providing financial support for infrastructure development. The state offers assistance in the form of infrastructure funding, with 10% support available for investments up to 500 million drams. If the investment exceeds 500 million drams, the support increases to up to 20%. The funds can be used for various infrastructure works such as road construction, water supply systems, drainage systems, gas supply systems, power supply systems and telecommunications.


Attraction of highly qualified specialists

The program provides an opportunity for reimbursement of wages paid to newly hired, highly qualified foreign specialists, with a reimbursement of 20%. Newly hired foreign specialists with doctorate degrees receive reimbursement of 50% and 70% in case they are engaged in teaching activities. 


Modernization of economic capacities

The program offers enterprises valuable opportunities to enhance their operations through access to nearly interest-free credit of up to 10 billion AMD. This credit can be utilized for the purchase of equipment, including new equipment, devices, and their components. The program provides subsidized credit options with competitive interest rates, such as 8% in AMD and 6% in foreign currencies. Additionally, subsidized leasing options are available with rates of 10% in AMD and 8% in foreign currencies.


Manufacturing economic complex products

This program aims to support establishment or development of the economic complex products in Armenia. Beneficiaries of this state support program can be companies with at least $1 bln AMD capital investment. Within the framework of the program companies can access up to 35% reimbursement of the real assets of capital investments. The facilitation process includes 3 stages.


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Armenia Investment Guide 2024


Armenia investment guide 2024


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