"Shaping the Future of the IT Sector: a Public-Private Dialogue" Round-Table Discussion

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18.11.20233 min read

On November 18, a round-table discussion titled "Shaping the Future of the IT Sector: a Public-Private Dialogue" took place in Yerevan. The event, organized by Enterprise Armenia, focused on the draft law "On State Support of the High-Tech Sector" and associated draft laws.

Among the participants were Robert Khachatryan, Minister of High-Tech Industry of the RA, Levon Ohanesyan, CEO of Enterprise Armenia, Rafael Gevorgyan, Deputy Minister of Economy and Davit Sahakyan, Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry. The event also featured heads of relevant departments from the Ministry of Finance and the State Revenue Committee of the RA, alongside representatives from leading IT companies and the expert community.

The proceedings began with introductory statements from Levon Ohanesyan and Minister Robert Khachatryan. They extended a warm welcome to the participants and emphasized the importance of the public-private dialogue in shaping new legislation for the IT sector. They highlighted that this approach would enable the integration of mutually agreeable proposals, ensuring the efficient implementation of the proposed laws.

Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry, Davit Sahakyan, then presented the key provisions of the draft law "On State Support of the High-Tech Sector," leading to an engaging exchange of ideas in a question-and-answer format.

The discussion focused on the features of the new IT legislation, exploring potential positive and negative impacts. Officials from public sector underscored that the intent behind the new legislation is to foster the continued growth of the IT sector, and the Armenian Government aims to enhance collaboration with IT enterprises and the expert community and to establish effective feedback mechanisms that will provide professional opinions and recommendations.


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